Dramatising the Bible

Dramatising the Bible

Hot Seat

Hot Seat is an interactive learning structure in which students/play the role/s of character/s. This is a valuable technique for exploring characters from Scripture stories. It is a great technique for exploring characters’ motivation and experience.
It is a great technique to use after the children have explored the Scripture in some depth. You can begin by just having one student in the hot seat as children learn the process. More characters can be added as children gain confidence. It is a great way to explore the perspectives of a biblical character e.g. after exploring the Story of the Prodigal Son, three characters could be placed in the hot seat (the lost son, the loving father and the brother) inviting students to wonder about the perspectives of each at the same time.
Click here for extended Hot Seat activity involving all students.

Echo Mime:

Echo mimes are simple dramatic experiences which draw students into Scripture stories. The method for creating an echo mime is: a passage is re-written in simple, short sentences. An action is devised for each statement. The leader/s voice the testament and performs the action which is then echoed by the group.
Click here for example


  • The Dramatised Bible includes all the Bible narratives dramatised with full cast listing with each reading
  • Sourceview Bible App (Free) With SourceView’s four colour text formatting you’ll know who is speaking. Black text – the narrator; red text – God’s words; green text – lead character;  blue text all other speaking parts. The app includes other interesting information and tools.
  • Bishops’ Guidelines for Dramatizing the Passion of the Lord. See Summary prepared by Ms Celia Sirois / BostonCatholic.org  For the complete text, Criteria for the Evaluation of Dramatizations of the Passion, go to the website of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.