Illuminating a Bible Text

Illuminating a Bible Text

The preservation of the biblical text has been an important work from generation to generation. Long before the invention of the printing press, scribes invested extraordinary hours in the meticulous copying of manuscripts. Many beautiful illustrated Bibles were transcribed by the monks of the Middle Ages. Known as ‘illuminated manuscripts’, they feature pages with decorative letters, patterned borders and miniature illustrations. Among the most famous of these is the Book of Kells, containing the four Gospels, created in a Columban monastery in Ireland around 800 CE.

To learn about the history of illuminated manuscripts, view these short videos:

·         A brief history

·         Illuminated Manuscripts

Diocese of Broken Bay

Bishop’s Religious Visual Art Prize 2018

The annual Bishop’s Religious Visual Art Prize was initiated in the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay in 2013 by Bishop David Walker. School students are invited to submit artistic contributions and accompanying reflections on a biblical/religious theme. In 2018 the Bishop’s Visual Arts Prize invited students to prayerfully select and reflect on a favourite verse of Scripture from the Old or New Testament, and to decorate and or illustrate it using a traditional or contemporary form of illumination. Instructions for Year 3-4 students can be found here.  For Year 5-10 students, click here.