Bible Society: Mary Jones’ story


In the year 1800, Mary Jones, a 15 year old Welsh girl, walked 26 miles of rugged terrain to obtain a Bible translation in her own language, having saved up for six years to make her purchase. Her story became known, inspiring a group of Christians to create the Bible Society, an ecumenical organisation dedicated to supporting the work of translating and distributing the Bible worldwide. Lady Macquarie was instrumental in bringing the Bible Society to Australia in 1817.

The Bible Society’s stated goal is to ‘Champion the Bible to share the Word of God’. With over 7,000 languages in the world, there is plenty of work to do, including translations for Indigenous communities. The organisation works closely with the Catholic Church through the Catholic Biblical Federation, of which Bishop Emeritus of Broken Bay David Walker is a member of the Executive Committee.

Our Mob, God’s Story is an art book that celebrates the impact of the Bible on Australia’s First Nations People, along with Bible Society’s 200 years in Australia.